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This pack contains useful integrations with Docker.



Building a Docker image

Atomist has support for building a Docker image. You need to add the following goal to your SDM definition:

const dockerBuild = new DockerBuild().with({
        options: { push: false },

And plan this goal in your SDM:


Registratation parameters

The DockerBuild goal can accept the following parameters in the goal registration:

  • options
  • push: whether a docker push needs to be performed
  • registry: whether a specific registry need to be used
  • user: the username when pushing to a registry
  • password: the password when pushing to a registry
  • dockerfileFinder: a function that determines where to find the Dockerfile. By default it expects the file to be in the root of the project
  • imageNameCreator: define a custom image name creator (see DockerImageNameCreator) to determine the name of the resulting Docker image

Triggering application build steps before a Docker build

A lot of times, before doing a Docker build, you need to perform a couple of actions in your codebase. Every goal in Atomist starts off from a clean codebase, so for example compiled sourcecode from a previous run of the Build goal is not known to the DockerBuild goal.

When using the sdm-pack-spring a couple of goal hooks, which trigger code before the execution of a goal, have been built with this functionality in mind.

const dockerBuild = new DockerBuild().with({
        options: { push: false },

These listeners will:

  • Perform an mvn version:set. The version will be derived from a previous Version goal run result.
  • Perform an mvn package which will compile the code and build a JAR file that you can use in your docker file

For NodeJS application, you can create your own listener that calls for example an NPM task.