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Atomist web interface

The Atomist web interface is located at Here, you can see some notifications, run GraphQL queries against your data, and administer your Atomist workspace.

See the nice buttons for GraphQL and Workspace Settings

Workspace Home

This page shows a list of notifications. You can filter it by person or repository using the filter button. Click on a notification to see details, including usefule buttons.

Web command line

At the bottom of the Workspace Home screen is a place to type commands. Unlike chat, this interface supports tab-completion.


  • ls lists contexts you can move into; you can descend into an organization and then repository.
  • cd into an organization, and then cd into a repository. Now Atomist has context for your command.
  • type a letter and push tab. This gives you a list of commands you can type.
  • enter one of the listed commands plus -h to see the parameters you could pass.

For instance, you can use this command-line interface to restart all the goals on your last commit:

  • cd into the owner/repo of your repository
  • type plan goals and push tab to see the SDMs that are available. Then complete the command with the name of the SDM that runs goals on this repository for you.
  • To see that the goals started over, check the Workspace Home page, and filter for your repository.

Currently this interface doesn’t provide the output of the commands. Any messages sent by the command appear as notifications at the top the web application.