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Supported Integrations

Atomist receives events from and performs operations on many systems, including version control, CI systems, Slack, and more.

Atomist uses the native integration technology for each platform or tool. For example, to integrate with GitHub and Travis CI, Atomist uses webhooks; to integrate with Slack it uses their event API. For each platform Atomist integrates with, it requests the minimal set of permissions required.

If you use a system or tool Atomist does not natively support, you can implement your own integrations. You can use whatever tools and libraries you want to communicate with your systems, and then register these custom event types with Atomist so it can properly connect them with other events.

Chat Integrations

Send messages to channels and people, receive commands, query people for command parameters, update messages, and include buttons on messages.

  • Slack
  • MS Teams (experimental)

Version Control Integrations

Atomist receives events for Pushes and Pull Requests (PRs). The built-in integrations include action buttons to create and merge PRs and add labels, reviewers, and comments to PRs.

  • GitHub
  • GitHub Enterprise
  • BitBucket
  • BitBucket Cloud
  • GitLab

Issue Tracking Integrations

Atomist receives events for issue and issue comment creation and update.

  • GitHub Issues

CI Integrations

Atomist can receive build notifications from:

  • Jenkins
  • Travis CI
  • TeamCity
  • Circle CI
  • any other build system, as a POST to our webhook

Running other programs from Atomist

In response to events, you can trigger actions on other systems from your Atomist automations. Some of the ones already implemented include:

  • Checkstyle
  • TSLint
  • Sonarqube
  • anything you can run from a shell or command prompt