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Interface CodeTransformRegistration<PARAMS, ADDITIONAL_PARAMS>

Type for registering a project transform, which can make changes across projects

Type parameters






Optional autoSubmit

autoSubmit: boolean

Configure command to submit without confirmation

Optional description

description: string

Description of the command

Optional intent

intent: string | string[]

Intent or list of intents. What you need to type to invoke the command, for example via the bot.


name: string

Name of the command

Optional parameterStyle

parameterStyle: ParameterStyle

Configure strategy on how to prompt for parameters in chat or web

Optional parameters

parameters: ParametersDefinition<PARAMS>

Define parameters used by this command. Alternative to using paramsMaker: Do not supply both.

Optional paramsMaker

paramsMaker: Maker<PARAMS>

Function to create a parameters object used by this command. Empty parameters will be returned by default.


use parameters

Optional projectTest

projectTest: ProjectPredicate

Programmatically limit repositories to inspect, by a project predicate. This can look inside project.

Optional registerWhen

registerWhen: function

If provided, select when this command is registered. Enables conditional registration on SDM startup, based on configuration, environment variables etc. This method is invoked during SDM startup.


Type declaration

Optional repoFilter

repoFilter: RepoFilter

Additionally, programmatically limit repositories to inspect, by id

Optional repoFinder

repoFinder: RepoFinder

Optional repoLoader

repoLoader: function

Type declaration

    • (p: PARAMS): RepoLoader
    • Parameters

      • p: PARAMS

      Returns RepoLoader

Optional tags

tags: string | string[]

Tags associated with this command. Useful in searching.

Optional targets

targets: Maker<RepoTargets>

Allow customization of the repositories that an inspection targets.


transform: CodeTransformOrTransforms<PARAMS & ADDITIONAL_PARAMS>

Function to transform the project

Optional transformPresentation

transformPresentation: TransformPresentation<PARAMS>

How to present the transformation - would you like a Pull Request or a branch commit? What would you like in the commit message, or the title of the pull request? All these and more can be specified in the EditMode, which this function can choose based on the invocation of this command and the code itself.

This defaults to a pull request with branch name derived from the transform name.


Optional onTransformResults

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